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Mountain Redonda

Redonda mountain in the Dominican Republic

Redonda mountain is one of the most romantic places in the Dominican Republic. Besides photoshoot lovers, who need nice photos to make other jealous, will highly evaluate it. This beautiful mountain contributes to feeling like either a flying witch on a broom, or climbing on a swing straight into the sky … 

Mantana Redonda

Redonda mountain in the Dominican Republic

Redonda mountain recently managed to become a real hallmark of the country. It is loved by each its visitor due to its crazy views, namely a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean on the one hand and beautiful mountains on the other one. It is surrounded by perfect nature views and it’s hard to decide whether to just enjoy and memorize them or rather make photos …

It is quite simple to reach this wonderful place – this is enough just to buy a tour or go on your own. It is located about 60 km from Bavaro, at an altitude of 330 meters. You will be provided with a transfer to small safe trucks or pickups at the entrance. Entry into the mountain territory by own cars is prohibited due to the narrow and winding roads safety, according to the decision of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic. To reach the mountain it is required to overcome ten minutes shaking along the serpentine along the fruit trees and shrubs! Both adults and children feel good when climbing up the mountains.

Lots of photographers will be waiting for you at the mountain – they will be happy to take spectacular professional shots at a certain fee, with brooms, swings, hammocks, benches for relaxing and cafes to provide you with a great time spending while relaxing and enjoying tropical nature. Feel free to use own cameras, if any. But note, that you will have to purchase a shooting permit at additional fee, if preferring professional photo shoot with your photographer.

It is better to visit this place in sunny weather at any time of the day – either in the morning, or in the evening. The mountains are surrounded by a soft gentle haze at dawn, while at the sunset you will have a great chance to enjoy all sorts and colors flowers and to remember this beautiful place forever!

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Macao Beach

Macao Beach is the best place for those, striving to enjoy non-touristic Dominican Republic views without going far from the hotel. There is a wild, original, special beach, widely beloved by locals and surfers, located just 20 km from Bavaro.

Macao Beach

Macao beach in Dominicana

There are two options to reach it – first is to take a tour, because lots of tourist routes include visiting beach to relax and swim for 20-30 minutes, while the second option implies reaching it yourself, since public transport in this paradise country is not developed enough yet, that’s why it is better to take get there by taxi or rented car. The route is short and convenient.

Why is it recommended to visit Macao? Firstly, because it is really wild without crowds of sellers, tourists and even sun loungers. The ocean there is quite deep and doesn’t contain algae, gorgeous waves, endless palm trees and rocks.

The second reason to visit it is a great chance to enjoy beautiful views! Here is felt free and relaxed spirit of the Dominican Republic! Thirdly, this is the best place for surfing! Macao Serf Camp surf school is located here as well. This school allows to submit an individual lesson request while staying at the hotel. The school provides own transfer – its representatives will bring you to the place, where you will be trained to stand on a surfboard and will enjoy time spending there and finally you will be returned to your hotel! Besides amateurs and professionals have a great opportunity to rent a board here and enjoy riding!

It is worth noting that Macau is a nice place for couples in love to walk along the coast while holding hands or organize a romantic photo shoot on the rocks and enjoy magical photos! 

Then be sure to taste local food after swimming and riding! There are two cafes available in Macao – one of them is situated near of the surf school, while the other one (often chosen by the locals) is located at the end of the beach near of the rocks, allowing to enjoy fresh fried fish with a crispy crust, vegetables and plane trees or grilled lobsters at affordable prices!

Besides there is a great chance to enjoy sunset after spending a day on Macao beach, which will be definitely remembered forever!

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