Location de voiture en République Dominicaine

La République dominicaine est un excellent endroit pour voyager. Vous trouverez diverses activités de plein air, telles que vous rendre sur de magnifiques plages et pratiquer des sports nautiques. Il existe de nombreuses possibilités pour le golf et la randonnée. Même si le temps peut être chaud et humide, réserver une voiture climatisée rendra votre voyage agréable.

Comment louer une voiture dans le pays ?

L’une des questions essentielles est de savoir comment louer une voiture en République dominicaine. Il existe différentes options de location de voitures à Punta Cana :

  • Réservez directement auprès des entreprises de location de voitures à Punta Cana.
  • Réservation auprès d’une agence de location de voitures ou d’un courtier, notamment sur les comparateurs de prix.
  • Réservation directement sur place à l’arrivée à l’aéroport international de Punta Cana.

Tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour conduire avec succès est un permis de conduire valide pour louer une voiture en République dominicaine. Cependant, obtenir un permis de conduire international peut être une bonne idée.

Quelques conseils pour louer une voiture

Vous trouverez ci-dessous quelques recommandations utiles pour vous aider à planifier un voyage en voiture de location :

Si vous voyagez avec des enfants, rappelez-vous qu’il n’y a pas de lois sur les sièges auto pour enfants dans le pays, mais tous les passagers sont tenus de porter des ceintures de sécurité.

  • En République dominicaine, la conduite se fait à droite.
  • Il est préférable de choisir une voiture plus petite pour obtenir rapidement une place de parking.
  • Si vous avez eu un accident et que vous n’avez pas suffisamment d’assurance, vous pourriez vous retrouver en prison pendant que la police découvre ce qui s’est passé. Par conséquent, il est essentiel d’assurer l’auto.

La location de voiture en République dominicaine n’est pas bon marché. Il est préférable de bien réfléchir au moment où vous avez besoin d’une voiture et aux jours où vous souhaitez visiter la plage et d’autres lieux à proximité.

Où pouvez-vous louer une voiture en République dominicaine ?

Tout le monde peut louer une voiture à Punta Cana dans la société «Autodominicana». Visitez le site Web de l’entreprise pour voir les voitures disponibles et réserver un véhicule en ligne, en indiquant le modèle souhaité, la date de location et les dates de début et de fin.

Les services de location de voitures en République dominicaine comprennent l’assurance et toutes les taxes et frais. Tous les véhicules que nous proposons à la location sont en parfait état de fonctionnement et propres. Il n’y a pas de kilométrage journalier. Les spécialistes sont prêts avec un réservoir plein de carburant et tout l’équipement nécessaire. Lors de la location d’une voiture, une caution est demandée ; sa taille dépend du modèle du véhicule.

Commentaires des clients

arkintai alievarkintai aliev
13:25 22 Feb 23
By far the best place to rent a vehicle in Punta Cana, during our two-week stay, we had the chance to try several Flott vehicles from this company, we were very satisfied. In addition, this company is managed by very friendly but above all extremely professional staff. a huge thank you to Dima and his staff for the outstanding service
Steve O.Steve O.
15:52 01 Feb 23
After reading the reviews about the big car rental companies in Punta Cana and their fraudulent price structures, I was actually already fed up with renting a car. Then I decided to try a small local company (this has always worked well in other countries) and I was not disappointed. Immediately after booking, I got a confirmation via WhatsApp. The car was brought to me and at the end of the trip I was still driven to the airport for a small extra charge. I only paid what was agreed, not a cent more and my deposit was fully refunded in cash on return without any unnecessary discussions. The car itself, with even 190k miles, was no longer the youngest and the dashboard had almost every warning light there is lit up. But it drove and braked and transported me reliably across the island for a reasonable price.
Mihai PintenaruMihai Pintenaru
15:33 26 Jan 23
Overall it was ok. At the beginnjng I found it a bit shady as the driver was late to airport and we barely understand few words as we don t speak spanish. Car was ok, but I m pretty sure the airbag was missing cause the dashboard was exploded and the light was on and something kept vibrating inside there. Also one bulb for front right blinker wasn’t working from the beginning neither the left rear break bulb. I didn’t receive the car with full tank. It was one line below full and I thought this is how I was supposed to return it like. We had some issues in santo domingo. Thieves broke into our car and broke the door lock. I contacted the guy from whatsapp but he didn t text me back. The next day (it was the last as well) on our way to airport the driver said we gonna get our 200$ deposit back. I didn t have enough time to put gas in the car as I was late to the airport. I tried at one gas station but the gas pistol didn t fit (it is LPG/propane). I gave driver 10$ in pesos (it should have been enough for one line below full) but he asked for more money to make it full. I payed it but I only had 20 USD and I gave him like that. At that time I didn t care that much and I was thankful that he will be returning my deposit as it wasn’t my fault. When we got the the airport he told me they will have to check how much will the repair cost and will get back to me. I contacted them 2 days later as nobody reached me and they said they will be refunding 160$. It s alright but I paid for something I didn t to and I m pretty sure they are covered by insurance and don t have to pay anything. Also they didn t care about the fuel tank not being full. I would probably rent again but I would learn the basic words in spanish so we can be fair
Matt SMatt S
19:44 25 Jan 23
Awesome rental company. Had a quick chat on WhatsApp, submitted the online form and got the car as promised (though a different model, which was not an issue for us).Pick up and drop off at the residence, conveniently close to the gas station, good price, easy rental process and great support from the staff. Thank you!
Hello ShuangziHello Shuangzi
23:26 18 Dec 22
I am very lucky to find this car rental company and I am writing this review in the Punta Cana airport before flying back to United States. I initially tried to work with another local car rental company called Hya rent a car, but they were horrible to work with and barely respond to messages. When I contacted this company rent car Punta Cana, they responded right away and are so patient and kind to all my questions and concerns. On the day of our arrival, they delivered the car to the airport as we requested. We give them cash and depoist. The Ford car we rent was awesome and served us well for 5 days driving around in DR. On our day of departure we dropped the car with them outside of the airport and they returned all of our deposit after examining the car. I recommend rent car Punta Cana to everyone who wants to rent a car in Dominican Republic, honest and friendly business. Super friendly people, even being a small local car rental company, I think you will have an easy and pleasant time working with them than being scammed by our big international car rental companies. I have done a lot of research before traveling to DR, and very lucky we found and worked with this awesome company.
Jeff VolovikJeff Volovik
20:41 15 Dec 22
Had a great experience with this company!Car was delivered to the resort we were staying at and very friendly staff!Had a amazing experience!10/10
Marc ZauggMarc Zaugg
20:52 30 Oct 22
Excellent! Thank you for the quick and uncomplicated car rental service.The car was in a very good condition and the contact with the car rental administration very pleasant. It was clearly communicated what was needed and there was no price surprise.
David KrokDavid Krok
18:33 29 Sep 22
It is not easy to find a reliable rental company in the Dominican Republic, fortunately we found Dima's company. We ordered a car with one day's notice and received excellent service for a fair price. I will definitely recommend her to others
Marius FoertigMarius Foertig
23:01 09 Sep 22
Easy to rent a car and the car was is a good condition 👍. You can stay in contact with the company the whole time if u have questions or sth went wrong. We had a nice time. Thank you!
Shanda Felix-BrownShanda Felix-Brown
08:48 20 Aug 22
During our stay in Punta Cana we found this car rental during research on the internet. Very happy that we always look outside of what the resorts recommended because we end up paying half the price than the price that our resort gave us. The owner also communicated very well even though his English is not good. He used what’s app to communicate and translate. We had a ford focus and the price was definitely great! He also did a pickup service and portable wifi was also purchasable. This really was a great deal. We used the car for a day trip to Santo Domingo. We are very thankful that we found this car rental to experience more out of our stay and not to rely on excursions.
Tommy McgillinTommy Mcgillin
19:35 18 Aug 22
Great car with absolutely no issues. With a very friendly staff. At 45$ a day I will never pay the expenses taxi again lol
Skov The NomadSkov The Nomad
17:31 15 Aug 22
Great service, fair prices. Best car rental in Punta Cana. I've tried many of them.
Galina BabenkoGalina Babenko
19:11 01 Aug 22
Thank you so much for your work. We use not the first and not the last time renting a car of this company. Never failed, all in time and without any problems.
Anasteisha LuzAnasteisha Luz
17:09 01 Aug 22
I am happy to share my impressions about this car rental service. The team works clearly, promptly, the cars are delivered on time and are in perfect condition. We rented a convertible, the impressions were wonderful. We got a lot of pleasure. Thank you for being there and for doing your job flawlessly!
Alex MakedonskyAlex Makedonsky
14:14 01 Aug 22
very good service. quickly. , Chip. I will always use the services of this company now, I recommend it to everyone.
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