Rent car in Boca Chica

If your trip to Boca Chica is fully organized, but your travel itinerary looks empty, we can give you some tips and advice. There is nothing better than exploring something new, and you can do it at Coral Hamaca Resort. Caribbean divers are another great option. Santo Domingo, just 30 km away, has exciting sights like Colón Park. The Cathedral of Santo Domingo is also a popular stop. The easiest way to visit all the listed locations is by renting a car on a particular website.

Large selection of cars for rent

Rent a car in Boca Chica and easily explore this beautiful Caribbean hotspot in the Dominican Republic. «Autodominicana» offers high-quality top-brand car rentals ready to take you around the island. From compact automobiles and sedans, sports cars and convertibles to SUVs and vans, you can find an auto that suits your budget and plans. You can quickly get on the road with convenient car rental locations in Boca Chica.

What are the types of car rentals?

The company «Autodominicana» offers different types of insured car rental:

  • One-way car rental. Do you want to hire a vehicle for a one-way trip? Our enterprise provides convenient one-way auto rentals. We have many automobiles for trips around the city, country, or from the airport.
  • Long-term car service: it’s a good choice for corporate relocations, temporary work assignments, or interns. It may also be used while waiting for a new fleet. It’s all about the flexibility of long-term rentals at competitive
  • Car rental for the weekend. Weekends can be the best way to recharge your batteries, reunite with your family, or catch up with friends. Turn any quick trip into an unforgettable ride with «Autodominicana».

Whichever wheels you choose, «Autodominicana» will help you find the best deal. Compare offers from the best rental providers and book the option that’s right for you.

Payment methods

Reservations can be paid by credit or debit card online. The credit card must match the driver’s name; the deposit will be held on the credit card until it is returned. The Boca Chica car rental office may require two credit cards for higher-class auto rentals.

As a rule, the amount allowed covers the fuel deposit and the insurance premium. The actual amount depends on the rental length, the driver’s age, or the vehicle’s size.


Marc ZauggMarc Zaugg
20:52 30 Oct 22
Excellent! Thank you for the quick and uncomplicated car rental service.The car was in a very good condition and the contact with the car rental administration very pleasant. It was clearly communicated what was needed and there was no price surprise.
David KrokDavid Krok
18:33 29 Sep 22
It is not easy to find a reliable rental company in the Dominican Republic, fortunately we found Dima's company. We ordered a car with one day's notice and received excellent service for a fair price. I will definitely recommend her to others
Marius FoertigMarius Foertig
23:01 09 Sep 22
Easy to rent a car and the car was is a good condition 👍. You can stay in contact with the company the whole time if u have questions or sth went wrong. We had a nice time. Thank you!
Shanda Felix-BrownShanda Felix-Brown
08:48 20 Aug 22
During our stay in Punta Cana we found this car rental during research on the internet. Very happy that we always look outside of what the resorts recommended because we end up paying half the price than the price that our resort gave us. The owner also communicated very well even though his English is not good. He used what’s app to communicate and translate. We had a ford focus and the price was definitely great! He also did a pickup service and portable wifi was also purchasable. This really was a great deal. We used the car for a day trip to Santo Domingo. We are very thankful that we found this car rental to experience more out of our stay and not to rely on excursions.
Tommy McgillinTommy Mcgillin
19:35 18 Aug 22
Great car with absolutely no issues. With a very friendly staff. At 45$ a day I will never pay the expenses taxi again lol
Skov The NomadSkov The Nomad
17:31 15 Aug 22
Great service, fair prices. Best car rental in Punta Cana. I've tried many of them.
Galina BabenkoGalina Babenko
19:11 01 Aug 22
Thank you so much for your work. We use not the first and not the last time renting a car of this company. Never failed, all in time and without any problems.
Anasteisha LuzAnasteisha Luz
17:09 01 Aug 22
I am happy to share my impressions about this car rental service. The team works clearly, promptly, the cars are delivered on time and are in perfect condition. We rented a convertible, the impressions were wonderful. We got a lot of pleasure. Thank you for being there and for doing your job flawlessly!
Alex MakedonskyAlex Makedonsky
14:14 01 Aug 22
very good service. quickly. , Chip. I will always use the services of this company now, I recommend it to everyone.
Очень понравилась аренда авто!Отличный сервис, быстрая доставка машины, машина чистая и качественная, удобная.Оформление документов заняло 5 минут, оплата тоже прошла быстро.С нами говорили как на английском и испанском, так и на русском.Рекомендуем этот прокат авто!
Loved the car rental!Excellent service, fast delivery of the car, the car is clean and of high quality, comfortable.Paperwork took 5 minutes, payment was also fast.They spoke to us both in English and Spanish, and in Russian.We recommend this car rental!
Artem KhateevArtem Khateev
13:42 26 Jun 22
Отличный сервис. Брал машину 2 раза, всё было в порядке - полный бак, чистые машины в хорошем состоянии. Вежливый персонал и демократичные цены. Есть трансфер к/от отеля. Рекомендую.
Michal KMichal K
21:12 13 Jun 22
It was Ok , no problem with anything .I recommend
Aleksandr ShimanAleksandr Shiman
00:01 24 Mar 22
Was provided with a great service and fair price, car was nice and clean and they even gave some worthy trip suggestions. I would definitely recommend this guys if you want to rent a car in Dominican Republic with no headache!
Nicolas BrownNicolas Brown
17:43 19 Mar 22
Very good service 👍 the car was also in a good condition.

Is it safe to rent a car in Boca Chica?

It is absolutely safe to rent a car in the Dominican Republic. On the roads there is a 24-hour MOPC service that will help you in any situation.

How much to rent a car in Boca Chica?

The cost of renting a car in the Dominican Republic depends on the class of car and starts from $40 per day.

Is it easy to drive in the Dominican Republic?


How old do you have to be to rent a car in Dominican Republic?

To rent a car in the Dominican Republic, you must be over 18 years old.

What documents do you need to rent a car?

A valid passport and driving license from your country are required.
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